Spreading the Colour of Auspiciousness – Mehendi of Faridabad

There are many ways to mark the auspiciousness of any occasion like getting into colorful attires, decorating houses, coming up with culinary delights and what not! For women in India, there is much to do like being in their best of appearances wearing lovely jewellery, makeup, hairdo and Mehendi….yes, Mehendi!

Mehendi of Faridabad

In India, application of Mehendi is related to festivity, good omen and happiness. Known as ‘Indian Tattoo’, it is a very common thing in almost all parts of India today. The color of Mehendi brightens up even the dullest of skin tones as well as heart of the one who applies it.

 Not all Mehendis are effective the same way. For good results, a lot depends upon the quality of Mehendi, the processing of its leaves, the plant and the soil where it is grown. That is where Mehendi of Faridabad takes the crown!

The Mehendi of Fridabad

Mehendi of Faridabad

Apart from Rajasthan, the Mehendi of Faridabad is very popular and is considered the best one. Today, the city produces and exports Mehendi to various parts of India. Owing to its high quality, it always stays much in demand. The gifted loam of Faridabad produces Mehendi plants that are used to fetch the Mehendi leaves.

These leaves are crushed ad mixed with some natural ingredients like lemon juice. The Mehendi preparation for hair may be mixed with with amla and reetha though mostly it is just the crushed leaves that are good enough to work wonders on hair.

The Mehendi industry of Faridabad has flourished tremendously, over in few decades. It is considered as the oldest industry of the city. Those who got into this industry right from the beginning, have their fourth generations working here. 

The Mehendi Export Network of Faridabad

Mehendi industry in faridabad

Apart from major regions in India, the Mehendi of Faridabad is exported not only across the terrestrial borders but also across the seas to more than 30 countries including Kenya, Madagascar, Japan, Korea, Japan and Philippines. As per the Henna Export Corporation (HEC)’s senior managing partner Mr. Jai Prakash Gupta, the Faridabad Mehendi industry has been drawing foreign income since 40 years. The Faridabad-based HEC holds the popular brand names like Color Mate and Black Rose Kali Mehendi.

Challenges faced by Mehendi Industry of FaridabadMehendi

Despite the industry contributing to such an extent for so many years, the insensitivity of people has led to a major setback to the industry these days. The development of real estate market in Faridabad has led to absorption of farmlands at a very fast pace, in past two decades. So, the production of Mehendi definitely has been affected though its demand is still high. So, to meet the demands, the HEC also has to include the raw product from some parts of Rajasthan. The raw material is then provided to Mehendi processing units based in Faridabad.

There are many other issues also that have been threatening the industry; they are – the lack of adequate transportation facility for the product for its timely delivery, the ever-increasing competition from other Henna producing countries like Pakistan and Yemen that sell the product at far cheaper prices, lack of support from the government by not incurring tax suitably in all of the network, other brands of Mehendi that do not even belong to Faridabad yet claimed to be the one, thus tarnishing image of the real product.

To keep this industry alive, more and more land needs to be provided back for adequate farming of Mehendi plants and processing. Apart from this, the government should apply some really effective measures to help the industry maintain its stature!
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