Splendid Yet Abandoned - Leisure Valley Park Faridabad

It was a cloudy yet a dry day, and a weekend! As always, the kids wanted a nice and playful outing but we were not very keen on going towards Delhi, owing to heavy traffic jams especially on weekends. We already had enough of our evenings in Town Park, Badkal and Surajkund areas of Faridabad and so we were wondering about ‘now where’…

We came to our balcony and realized that cool breezes had started flowing.

“Staying here would be a sin now, let’s go somewhere” I muttered to my husband, looking at the kids from the corner of my eyes. I knew, a little delay would upset them.

“But where?” asked he, in a mood to stay back lazing and watching some flick on the television.

“Anywhere! Aravallis are close by, why not go for a drive on the landscaped pathways?”

He liked the idea and we told the kids to gather their stuff and get set for a lovely drive. They slid their badminton rackets, a football and binoculars while I grabbed some munchies and tetra-packs of juice.

We started off!

On Our Way to Aravallis…

We reached Mathura road, crossed the NHPC Chowk and yes! We were on the way to Aravallis. Well, today I was on the steer-wheel as hubby dear was just not in a mood to drive. We had switched off the AC and opened our window glasses to breathe in some nature.

It was so rejuvenating, so fresh, so pure that day, as it seemed we had been transported to some beautiful hill station. The roads were clear with not much of traffic. The lush greens at sideways seemed like welcoming us with open arms….err….branches.

Driving up and down along the road, we saw some kind of entrance to a park at our left side….
This was on Surajkund Road, behind sector 46. Yes this was a park. The hoarding at the entrance had its name on it – Leisure Valley Park. It was developed in Aravalli region, by the government.

Serenity at its Best - The Leisure Valley Park

Leisure Valley
(Image Courtesy: Shabla Mathur)

The park looked sombre yet very inviting. We left the road and parked the car at its parking area. We got in. While getting in, we saw a majestic temple known as Swamirayan temple and Siddhi Data Ashram adjacent to it. This white colored mega-structure could be seen very clearly, right from the park.

It was a beautiful park with amazing natural ambience. It had everything for those seeking nature’s purity for soul-freshness. The lush green meadows took our hearts away instantly and we decided to spend some time there. Unwinding all the stuff, we first took a nature walk around the park.

At the back of it, there is a very small lake which is seasonal. That time, it had very little water. Apart from this, there were lovely varieties of flowering plants, shrubs and trees that formed canopies at pathways. The beautiful landscapes rendered to the park by Aravalli hills look magnificent. Though neglected, the park does not seem to be in that bad condition. We could even spot a lone gardener working on overgrown bushes though at certain points, the park looked like completely an abandoned one.

Picnic spot in Faridabad
(Image Courtesy: Shabla Mathur)

No other family could be spotted here, except two couples who needed some quiet time together. We were surprised to find few swings and slides for the kids as well, though they seemed at a broken state.

Anyway, we enjoyed walking, playing and clicking some very nice pictures of nature. The nature’s splendor could be seen even beyond this park as these Aravalli hills spread all over the area till you touch Gurgaon region. 

After spending the entire day amidst that peaceful ambiance, we drove back home – tired yet rejuvenated.

The Sad State of the Park…

I was happy to have discovered such a picturesque spot and that too not far away from my place. I was already in love with this park where I could go time and again, yet was feeling bad for its abandoned state.

So much could have been done of this place!

Hope the government authorities wake up to this and do the needful to transform this abandoned park to the most frequented one.

Why Groom Leisure Valley?

Leisure Valley in Faridabad
(Image Courtesy: Shabla Mathur)

I strongly felt for this place! Being naturally resplendent, it can be groomed to be one of the most happening of places in Faridabad.  It has many advantages over others.

Central Location: The park is beautifully nestled in the Aravalli range in Faridabad. And that gives it an advantage of being conveniently located for people of Faridabad, Delhi and Gurgaon.

Apt for All Ages: This place can be a favorite haunt for people of all ages. Kids would love this place as they get enough space to jump, hop and skip which is a rarity these days. The elderly can have their time too, for it is peaceful enough to meditate or relax. Even for the young and busy souls, the park can can be an ideal stress buster.

Huge Land Area: The sprawling acres of land that comes under the boundaries of this park can be utilized in many creative ways. A lot can be done to make the place exciting. There can be various zones meant for people of all age-groups – like kids zone, meditation zone, aqua zone and likewise.

Some Tips for You…

Well, as for now you can follow the tips mentioned below, if planning a visit here:

  • No public transport is available here. So take your own vehicle.
  • As there are no restaurants, eateries nearby, carry food items and lots of drinking water.
  • Carry things to play like badminton racquets, balls, cricket bats etc
  • Carry mats and newspapers
  • Do not litter else you will spoil such a beautiful place. There are trash-bins that you can use for the purpose.
  • Avoid spending late-evening and night hours due to safety issues. The place looks quite gloomy after sunset.
Shabla Mathur, our freelance writer shares her experience with us

Where to reach
Address: C7RM+HJ9, Suraj Kund Badkhal Rd, near Aravali International School, Part 3, Faridabad, Haryana 121003

How to reach
Metro: The closest stations to Leisure Valley Park are: Sector 29 / Sector 30 is 704 meters away, 10 min walk.
Train: The Faridabad New Town station is the nearest one to Dabua Leisure Valley Park in Faridabad.
Bus: The Payali Chowk stop is the nearest one to Dabua Leisure Valley Park in Faridabad.
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