Shopping in Faridabad

Shopping is certainly one of the most important parts of our day to day life. A stress-buster for some, fun for some, shopping is a phenomenon that all of us love to indulge in. The city of Faridabad which is one of the largest cities in the state of Haryana can spoil you with shopping choices.

Whether its retail or wholesale, the city provides varied choices with respect to everything like food, clothes, furniture, electronics, artifacts or household items.

The street shops of Faridabad sell their unique art and craft work. Surajkund Crafts Mela is one of the best fairs not only in Haryana but in India as a whole selling handicraft from all over India. The mela which is held in February witnesses hundreds of people every year shopping for various art and craft products.

Shopping Malls in Faridabad

Faridabad like Gurgaon and Delhi has been influenced by the mall culture.  Being close to the highly affluent NCR, Faridabad leaves no leaf unturned when it comes to the mall culture. Fulfilling the itinerary of a household from food to shopping to games to cinema, these malls are highly sought after place in the city during weekends.

Shopping Malls in Faridabad

Shopping malls in Faridabad are:

  • Ansal Crown Plaza
  • Pristine Mall
  • Eldeco Station Mall
  • Crown Interior Mall
  • Vardhman Star Mall
  • Sewa Grand Mall
  • Radhika Mall
  • SLF Mall
  • Senior Destination Mall
  • MB Mall
  • Gardenia Sky
  • Eros Square Grand Mall
  • EF 3 Mall
  • Parsavnath City Mall

Local Markets in Faridabad

Apart from the malls and the shops selling art and craft, the locals throng the markets for their daily grocery shopping. The city which is divided into sectors has various markets in almost all the sectors. Some of the famous markets in Faridabad are:

Old Faridabad Main Market

Sector 18 in Faridabad, Haryana, is home to the Old Faridabad Market.Shopping centres are enclosed buildings in desirable locations that accommodate a range of retail establishments. Snacks and food items are nice to buy from this huge market area, where you can get anything. Earlier Faridabad. The oldest market in Faridabad, it draws people from nearby Delhi every day. You won't find any low-grade goods here; everything is of a good, long-lasting quality, and you can purchase it from both wholesalers and stores.

Sector 17 Market:

The Sector 17 Market in Faridabad is one of the largest and oldest markets in the city. The market has a mixture of individual retail stores along with some of the whole sale shops. These shops sell all the things required in our daily life from vegetables to meat, from furniture to clothes, from crockery to groceries. This place also has a few super markets as well.

Ballabgarh Market:

Being one of the important Tehsil’s in the city, Ballabgarh is home to various vendors and retailers. This market is famous for its artifacts and famous for furniture shopping and other household items.

Local Market in Faridabad

New Industrial Town (NIT) Market:

The NIT is yet again an important area in the city and is an important market for various industries to buy their inventory and raw materials. With the township growing at a rapid pace, new shops and supermarkets are coming up in the township to cater to the needs of the people.
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