Metro in Faridabad

It is not always possible to take your car where ever you want in the narrow lanes of Faridabad. First the slow moving traffic makes your commute time long and some lanes are so narrow that your car won’t even fit in it. And if by chance you are able to move in the lanes with your car, finding a place to park your vehicle becomes your next challenge. Sometimes, you just feel it would be so much better if you have any other mode of transportation.

Faridabad Metro

Much to the relief of Faridabad people, Delhi metro as a part of its Phase III project started the metro to Faridabad. The Delhi Metro on April 12th in the presence of Delhi Metro Rail Corporation’s Managing Director Mangu Singh and others started the trail run of metro on the Badarpur-Faridabad corridor. The first metro ran from Badarpur to the Old Metro station in Faridabad.

This 14 km long section is ready for operation as the construction is finished and the trail runs of the trains are being made. The trail run includes rigorous testing of the signaling system, braking system and inter connections of the metro rail. There are many advantages of riding a metro over your personal vehicle.

Nearby is the Indian Railways network's Faridabad railway station. Local trains provide service to Faridabad, which is a component of the Delhi Suburban Railway. This station provides service to Sectors 16, 17, and 18 as well as Old Faridabad. Local rickshaws and vehicles also provide transportation to and from the station in the area.

Advantages of Faridabad Metro

Cost Effective

Riding the public transportation is always cheaper when compared to driving your own. It saves you fuel cost,  and maintenance. Metro ticket is not expensive. And if you plan to commute by metro daily, you can always buy a monthly pass which will save you money.

Environment Friendly

When you choose metro over your car, you are contributing your share of making earth green. Personal vehicles emit pollution to the environment. When people choose public transportation, there is less traffic on the roads, which leads to less pollution and less accidents.

Hassle free Commute

When you are not roads driving your vehicle, your commute becomes hassle free. You can use the commute time for something productive. You are not stuck in the traffic for long hours. You can reach your destination on time and you don’t have start early to make it on time for your appointments.


Metros go faster than an average vehicle on road. A 70 minute stressful drive on the road for your destination can be covered in 20 to 25 minutes by the metro.  And the best part is these metro trains can move hundreds of people in one go.


The metros are either underground or above. So their schedule is not hampered by the ongoing traffic. Except for some unavoidable reasons, metros are never late. People in Faridabad can enjoy these benefits of Metro rail once it is open for the general public. For now, the stretch from Badarpur to Faridabad covers nine stations.

Violet Line

The Delhi Metro, a rapid transit system in Delhi, India, has a metro rail line called the Violet Line (Line 6). The line runs via Faridabad from New Delhi's Kashmere Gate station to Ballabhgarh's Raja Nahar Singh. There are 32 metro stations along the line.

The stations that fall in this line are Sarai, NHPC Chowk, Mewala Maharajpur, Sector 28, Badkal Mor, Old Faridabad, Neelam Chowk Ajronda, Bata Chowk and Escorts Mujesar. On 2017 another two major stations NCB colony and Ballabhgarh has been added to this line. A further extension to Ballabhgarh (Raja Nahar Singh metro station) was opened on 19 November 2018

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