Lifestyle of Faridabad

Faridabad is an integral part of the NCR and is one of the most important cities of the state of Haryana. The city is often considered to be the business hub of the state. The urban lifestyle, ever increasing opportunities and bright prospects are some of the factors that attract students and young professionals from all across the country to Faridabad. This encourages the mixing of new traditions and cultures.

Gyms in Faridabad

Gyms in FaridabadToday an increasing number of people are hitting the gym for various reasons. Some people go to the gym for weight loss while others for overall fitness. For all the health enthusiasts there are numerous gyms in Faridabad.

 Whether it is a brand name or a local franchise, the city offer wide variety of gyms from which people can choose as per their needs and requirements.

Most of these gyms offer a customized training program depending upon your body type and body needs. Personal trainers, modern machinery and an encouraging environment, you name it and you get it. In addition to gyms, Faridabad also has many slimming and fitness centers. Some of the most popular gyms of Faridabad are – Talwalkars, Sports Fit Gym, Studio Fit, Platinum Gym etc.

Beauty Parlors in Faridabad

lifestyle of faridabadGone are the days when beauty parlors were considered luxury, today they have become a necessity. Over the past two decades beauty parlors and spas have become an indispensable part of the modern urban lifestyle.

People are ready to spend and pamper themselves. There was a time when only ladies used to frequently visit beauty parlors, but with the changing times even men have started taking extra care of themselves.

Seeing this trend, unisex salons have become a hit in the market. Premium services and dedicated staff are some of the factors that decide the success of a parlor. Some of the most popular beauty parlors of Faridabad are – Absolute Body Care, Looks Beauty Salon, Shahnaz Hussain Signature Parlor, Lakme Salon etc.

Boutiques in Faridabad

lifestyle of faridabadOwing to the multicultural society of Faridabad the city offers a wide variety of services. Also since there are different types of people residing, one can choose from a plethora of service providers in each segment.

There are many fashion boutiques in Faridabad that have made a mark for their brand. People today want to look their best, thus, the demand for fashion studios and boutiques had seen a tremendous growth in Faridabad.

The good thing about these boutiques is that they offer customized services to their clients as per their varying needs and requirements.

With the use of latest colors, patterns, prints and materials these boutiques to deliver the best of services and attain high level of customer satisfaction. Some of the most popular boutiques of Faridabad are – Raagi Fab, Ritu Creations, Orchid Blues, Lavanya, Dor etc.
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