Burgeoning Faridabad - Promising New Avenues

Faridabad is a city in the national capital region that is known to have been neglected in terms of growth and development. Its sibling cities like Noida, Gaziabad and Gurgaon have been in the close attention of the authorities and have therefore have grown by leaps and bounds in past two decades.

Noida was already a planned city while Ghaziabad extended its arms that touch Noida. While Gurgaon has seen s tremendous transformation from being a non-existent and dusty village to the ‘Millennium City’ that holds space in the list of top cities of Asia.

Faridabad City

Faridabad - A Neglected City of the Past

At a point, when Gurgaon and Noida were growing at a pace to consider, Faridabad stayed in the shadow. The advent of malls, corporate and IT parks were fast changing the faces of other cities, Faridabad looked crestfallen.

Even being the most centrally located of all, connecting Delhi to Agra, and being the industrial hub of the state with a huge number large as well as small scale industries, Faridabad stood as mere a town with no developmental plans and proceedings ever. The city though, seems a very planned one, divided into sectors on both the sides of Agra-Mathura national highway.

The major reason for remaining in a state of neglect for decades, is due to its approach which has always been an issue. For any place to grow, transportation and easy communication plays a very vital role. The sad state of approach may hinder the growth of any place.

Faridabad has been a victim of this condition as its entrance from Delhi has always been a matter of issue. The Bardarpur bottleneck earlier used to be a pain for the drivers who picked this path to commute. For office-goers, it was like a hell-trap who spent hours waiting in the queues, attempting to reach office on time.

 Unless you considered too much time in hand or took a different route, commuting through this route was both expensive and time-consuming. This kept the real estate and corporate investors at bay. Even for buying a house for a good living, people considered Faridabad as a last option.

Breaking the Ice!

Though delayed by two years, the Sarita Vihar flyover was constructed on Mathura Road on Delhi-Agra highway, covering the Badarpur bottleneck and stretching till the Sarai Khwaja Chowk of Faridabad. The project got completed in 2012. It changed the face of the Badarpur area, clearing away all the traffic mess it contained, once upon a time.

Important road for Faridabad

This Delhi-Faridabad skyway that stretches to 4.4 kms has a junction with Mehrauli-Badarpur road. It lets you avoid all unnecessary traffic-jams. You just fly your way to your destination. Apart from this, the Delhi-Faridabad connectivity has been strengthened with the Delhi metro line that is functioning very well.

These developments have changed the fate of the city, as a huge number of investors turned their face towards here. It seems the city had waiting for this since ages, to develop. Several corporate parks have been constructed here thus offering great options for corporate companies to land up here at very affordable prices, opening up many avenues for job-seekers here.

Why is Growth Imminent in Faridabad

Owing to a number of reasons, it is a fortunate fact that growth is absolutely ineluctable in Faridabad, no matter how late has it been. The real estate investors, IT companies and corporate finance companies can look forward to establishing here. Following are the positive points about the city that assure growth and development imminent here:

Central Location: Faridabad is located at the most favorable part of NCR with Gurgaon at its one arm, Noida at its another. It kisses important parts of south-Delhi. Apart from this, it lies on the sides of Delhi-Agra highway that plays an important role in maintaining the connectivity of two most important cities of tourist interest.

Anybody who visits Delhi, be it from any part of the world would travel through this highway to take a glimpse of the most popular monument of India, the Taj Mahal. So to enhance the tourism in and around Delhi – the national capital, Faridabad is bound to develop as a connecting city to other tourist destinations.

Transport in Faridabad

The Much Improved Connectivity: Though late, the government has started understanding the importance of Delhi-Faridabad highway and has started working towards its development. Apart from the Badarpur flyover, the Metro line that connects Faridabad to Delhi is being stretched further to reach the YMCA Chowk of Faridabad. Faridabad is very well connected to Noida and Gurgaon also. Read more

There are plans to improve Greater Faridabad connectivity as well. The Faridabad Bypass road makes connectivity easier with Noida through Kalindi Kunj and is expected to be connected to the Noida Expressway. The Faridabad-Gurgaon expressway, through the Aravalli range, serves as the most effective connecting link between the two most important cities of Haryana. Read More

Availability of Affordable Investment Options: Be it about the cost of living, buying any property, setting up any business or taking a corporate space on lease, Faridabad offers a lot many options. These options are available at very reasonable rates as compared to those in other regions like Gurgaon, Noida or Delhi. Read More

Investing in Faridabad

A Well-Planned City:
Faridabad is already a well-planned city that is divided into sector lying sideways to the Delhi-Agra Highway. The industrial areas are well determined apart from some newly constructed corporate parks right on Mathura Road itself. Read more

Gone are the days when Faridabad was a laid back city with the term ‘jinx’ permanently tagged to it. That phase has passed by opening the doors to totally a different one. Today, Faridabad is almost synonymous with growth and is the most promising cities in India.

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